Movie Garden | LIGHTING & SOUND
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Festoon Lights 
If you want to bring the classic festive look to your outdoor movie night, wedding, or… anything, then these lights are for you. They’re tough, safe and easy to install, indoors or out.


PAs & Sound Systems

High quality sound is one of the most important parts of outdoor cinema, and of pretty much any event! Whether it’s a karaoke night or a keynote address, you need to be heard clearly. We can offer everything you need, from a single microphone and amp, to a 10-piece band sound system with a sound technician.


Stage Lighting 

Not just good for being able to see your speaker or performer, stage lighting can also set the mood for your event, whether you want deep rich colours for a jazz bar or something colourful to tie in with your business for a lunch event.
Let us know what you need!


Lighting Installations 

How about adding a whole new dimension to your event, with a special feature lighting installation!
With a few of our own, and a great network of local artists, we can add something truly out of the box and memorable to the package!

Light up your life!